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When Silence isn’t Always Golden

October 16th, 2017|0 Comments

There were times as a parent I mistakenly believed silence served as a protective shield around my children. I wanted to guard those who were "too young to understand" from being burdened and over concerned [...]

The Hidden Danger of the “Instant” Life

September 7th, 2017|Comments Off on The Hidden Danger of the “Instant” Life

Do you remember Polaroid cameras? In the days before digital & iPhones, a Polaroid was a valuable treasure to own. Pictures were developed within minutes right before your eyes. We had many a thrill with [...]

5 Ways We Can “Take Heart” in Jesus

August 21st, 2017|Comments Off on 5 Ways We Can “Take Heart” in Jesus

Last week we talked about facing disappointments head on with Jesus. Often, in the midst of trial and tribulation, it can be easy to forget what Jesus says to us about these very things. His [...]

Walking with Jesus in the Midst of Disappointment

August 14th, 2017|1 Comment

Thirty years ago, I was a mother of two small children (eventually there would be four). Making dinner was always an event, with kids standing on the step stool at the kitchen counter “helping me.” [...]

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